Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pre-medication for Dental Procedures

Recommendations from:The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons & The American Dental Association

"More then 1,000,000 total joint arthorplasties are performed annually in the United States of which 7 percent (70,000 patients) will have deep infections of total joint replacements usually resulting in failure of the initial operation and the need for extensive revision, treatment and cost (major surgical re-do)." - 2011 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons - Information Statement.
Because of this the AAOS & the ADA recommend pre-medication for any dental procedure that may result in bleeding (cleanings, gum therapy, some fillings and crown work). Bleeding gums is an opportunity for the bacteria that live daily in our mouths to jump into the blood stream (bacteremia) and then find their way to an implanted joint and grow. It is also a concern on a daily basis at home and a very good reason to keep your gums healthy so there is NO bleeding when you brush and floss. Bleeding is a sign that you have some level of infection in your mouth and needs to be taken seriously.

The recommendations have changed over the years. For some patients this is going back to the old system, for some this is all new. We will keep you informed if the science behind these decisions is updated again. The current (2011) recommendation for patients with orthopedic implants in joint spaces is to premedicate 1 hour prior to the dental visit with antibiotics to reduce the chance of a bacteremia. Dr. Greene or your orthopedic surgeon will prescribe a specific antibiotic for you. This does NOT apply to fixed rods and pins, unless your orthopedic surgeon has a specific concern. This does NOT affect dental tooth implants.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet Sonia of Scarsdale Dental Spa

Meet one of our newest staff members at Scarsdale Dental Spa, Sonia Duarte, Concierge.

Sonia is responsible for scheduling patients and assists with the everyday front desk functions. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts with bachelors in Business Administration. Sonia has been in the restaurant business for nine years so as a newcomer to the business of dentistry; she is excited to share her customer service skills in a new environment.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Brianna of Scarsdale Dental Spa's

Meet one of our newest staff members at Scarsdale Dental Spa, Brianna Hines, dental assistant.

Brianna was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree at Iona College as a Biology major. She aspires to be an orthodontist in the future and is dedicating her time at Scarsdale Dental Spa in order to learn and practice the skills she will need to excel in dentistry. When she's not studying, she enjoys dancing, laughing, and hanging out with her friends and sorority sisters.

Honors Program- Class of 2014
President- Golden Key Honor Society
Vice President- Biology Club
Active Sister- Gamma Lambda Rho Sorority
Edmund Rice Member
Go New Ro 2011 Student Leader
Liberty Partnership Tutor

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